Many of the clothing items supplied by Products of Peru are manufactured from Alpaca or baby Alpaca wool. Below you will find some of the benefits of this material.

Strong while remaining incredibly soft and lightweight, this fabric is recognized as one of the most luxurious in the world. It is amazingly warm while remaining breathable, comfortable and long lasting. No we are not talking about cashmere, no this isn't a reference to silk; we are in fact talking about Alpaca wool.

The Alpacas that provide this amazing fabric are often known as the "Gold of the Andes". This is thanks to the fact their fiber is so extraordinary. There are two types of Alpaca; Huacaya – this is the more common and has a thicker and fluffier appearance. The second type is known as Suri – this one has a long, flatter and silkier coat. Either one of these two types will provide you with a material that is unlike anything you have ever felt before. So just what is it that makes this fiber so good?

There are so many answers to the above question so allow us to present to you some of the main benefits of Alpaca wool:

Warmth – despite the fact this material is so lightweight, it is very warm, perfect for those cool summer nights and those tough winter days. The reason it is so warm is down to the fact it contains microscopic air pockets that provides thermal insulation.

Texture (silky smooth) – this lustrous natural fiber is similar to sheep's wool in the way it is produced and the overall look; however it also differs greatly! For one, with Alpaca wool, you don't get the prickly sensation that you do with sheep's wool, the reason? It doesn't contain lanolin, thus meaning this material is hypoallergenic making it ideally suited for everyone, including babies and people with sensitive skin. It also means you can wear it as many items of clothing without feeling irritation. So whether you want a cardigan, sweater or fleece as well as hats, scarfs, socks, leg warmers and household throws you can indulge yourself as much as you want with Alpaca wool.

Green – not only is this material sustainable but it is also an eco-friendly resource. It doesn't contain harmful chemical toxins that are often found in synthetic and non-organic clothing. So in this case it keeps toxins out of our ecosystems and away from our bodies.

Luxury – this fiber was once treasured by Inca Royalty for its unique strength, luster and slippery softness. Also when it comes to fineness, this is measured in microns. 20-22 microns is considered to be the finest; Alpaca wool comes in at 19-32 microns. You can't really get much better than that!

This type of wool has grown so much in popularity and with the above in mind it is easy to see why. We all deserve a little bit of luxury in our lives, which is why this wool is so widely used in clothing. You can now easily get hold of 100% Baby, Royal and Suri Alpaca that has been used in an array of women's, men's and children's clothing, including cable knit sweaters and cardigans and polo neck tops. You can also use the material around the home in the form of throws and blankets.

So whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, do it with Alpaca wool. Due to the overwhelming popularity that surrounds this fiber now there is so much choice available with it so whatever you are looking for we are sure you'll find it with Alpaca.

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